Occipital Headache

18 year old female came up with complain of occipital headache since 1. 5 months. She also has felling that chains has been tied on her neck. Her tsh level 6.9. What r possible causes and what should be management ??

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Needs little more information regarding headache. Is it a continuous or intermittent HA? If intermittent, duration of each episode.What is the quality of HA? Throbbing or non throbbing in character. Any associated symptoms like blurring of vision,nausia,vomiting ,photophobia, phonophobia etc. Minimum history is needed to decide migraine or non migraine HA. MRI brain is reported as normal .MRI cs no significant abnormality noted.
Mam, she is having continuous headache, non throbbing. No blurring of vision, not associated with nausea, no photo phobia. She is myopic also.

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D/D 1. Paraspinal muscle spasms causing headache. 2. Decreased cervical lordosis causing overuse of neck extensors and provoking headache. 3. Cervical PIVD 4. Upper Cross Syndrome 5. Tension headache 6. Kyphosis of thoracic spine 7. Vision problems like myopia
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Due to faulty posture it may occur. Muscular imbalance, spasm may present. Release trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, scalenes muscle (upper cervical spine), mobilise thoracic spine, & isometric exercises

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