Abdominal pain

Female patient comes in emergency with complain of acute Abdominal pain left side of upper quadrant This episode of pain also held 10 days back Chief Complaints Abdominal pain History History right side plaural effusion six months back She is on Thyroxine 50microgm Vitals Bp: 110/70 Pulse:78 Physical Examination Conscious and oriented No palpable tenderness on abdominal examination Appetite normal Bowel some time constipated Urine normal in frequency and odour Investigations Hb;8..9 Creatinine:1.3 Lft;normal Tsh:18.5 Usg whole abdomen normal Diagnosis ???? Management In emergency inj: tramadol+pantop+emeset Please guide me further treatment and diagnosis


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May be Renal or ureteric stone, Colitis, Ovarian cyst, so ask for USG of whole ABDOMEN, URINE C/S, RE URINE, RE STOOL and as per TSH REPORT START TAB THYRONORM 100

Usg whole abdomen Within normal limit no pathology detected

Pain in LUQ. Indicate. Spleenomegaly/Acute gastric/. May be any Heart related issue Suggest. X -Ray. Of chest. ECG.

Do cbc Hcrt

Thank you doctor.

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Increase dose of Thyroxin upto 100 mcg Akostol 100 AC for 30 days

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