Abdomenal pain , fever and sided pleural effusion

70 years old female patient with complaint of andomenal pain, fever. On examination,right sided mild pleural effusion noted. pleural tap fluid analysis report shows high protein and lymphocyte prediminence. Patient was started ATT 4 TABLETS containing rifampicin, isoniazid, ethambutol and pyrazinamide. But patient can not tolerate even a single tablet, kindly tell what to do. Should go for second line att


Pl decrease the dose of rifampicin to 300.mg.isonaizide same dose 300 mg Ehambutol 800 mg U can add 500mg of levofloxin daily once Pl give antacids rabiprazole along with and tab udiliv 300 mg bd

Thank you doctor

What u mean not tolerating a single tab either vomiting, what else .if vomiting give antiemetic and adv LFT.