? Abdominal Koch's

A male aged 43 years Chief Complaints Pain Abdomen (x 2 months) Colicky Periumbilical A/w obstipation Loss of weight and appetite History History of pulmonary koch's (+) 3years back Investigations CT abdomen showed thickening of IC Junction and distal ileum Colonoscopy done



Abdominal tuberculosis

Biopsy sample send for culture and sensitivity and start DSTB treatment till culture report comes.

TB abdomen. Start ATT after sensitivity tesi

Ileocaecal Tuberculosis

Had he complete treatment ofATT Exclude att drug resistance Multi drug resistancetreatment

Abdomen ulcer, Tab O2 10,1×2 Tab Pantop DSR 30 1×1 morning syrup Mucain Gel 2tst 3 months Tab Rantac 150 1×2 1 Month

1 immediate ly start anti Tuberculostreatment with 4drug regimen +streptomy-icin l1gm I'm daily for 3months plus symptomatic treatment after this treatment inh 3drug started regimen

Cap Doxy stet B D Tab Rabol D। B D Tab Ranitidine 300 mg Sy mucain gel 3 TSF TDS Six month

TB abdomen ? Longitudinal Ulcer IC location Colicky pain main compliant Adv TST , CBNAAT , AFB & Culture Rx ATT × 6 M

Erosion on colonoscopy History of Koch's old Biopsy hp R/0 Koch's abdomen Cbnat

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