Abdominal pain & heaviness

A 44 y/o female presented with abdominal pain & heaviness. She complain of this pain for a year which was very mild and resolve at its own. But now it is not going away. Her CT scan images are posted below. What is the diagnosis?

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CT shows a large mass in pelvis which is displacing cervical canal anteriorly and towards left It is suggestive of large uterine fibroid, occupying pelvis and lower abdomen

Thank you! Dr. Ashok Leel

Case of ovarian cyst

It seems to be an Ovarian cyst..

Ovarian cyst


Thanks Dr. Dinesh Gupta

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Most likely an ovarian cyst.

Ovarian cyst

Chronic Cholecystitis

Lt salpingooophoritis

Chronic cholecystitis

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