Abdominal pain with dysphagia

Chief Complaint A 59 y/o female presents with abdominal pain and dysphagia, he lost 6 kg weight in 2 months. Symptoms did not disappear with proton pump inhibitors. History Patient is nonsmoker and nondrinker. She is diabetic and is on medication for the same. Rest of the past medical, surgical and family history is unremarkable. Investigations EGD shows 8 mm red lesion in the esophagus. Biopsy does not show any malignant change. Treatment Advise the treatment.

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Since pt is diabetic H/o dysphagia and endoscopy shows red lesion of 8mm likely submucosal hemorrhagic lesion or varices as biopsy has r/o malignancy Also adv usg abdomen to study pancreas and porta hepatis

Esophagitis Gerd Need completely away from spicy and other junk foods Tab.sompraz 40 mg daily 2 timesa bbf and bd Tab.levosulpride 75 mg daily one before dinner Syrup .sucral o 3 times aday Take more saluds like keera ,carrot and beetroot

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Needs further investigation and evaluation to conclude till reports complied symptomatic treatment. Biopsy may be repeated pathology Is a major factor.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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Acid peptic disease as cause of dysphagia Adv Pantoprazole 40 mg twice daily Itopride 50 mg one tablet three times a day Domperidone 10 mg one tablet three times a day Sucralfate syrup 1 gm four times a day before food

? hemangioma, leiomyoma, GERD/APD, Repeat BIOPSY,

History in favor of peptic ulcer Do h pylori test Opinion of gastroenterologist Re biopsy HP if no relief

Esophagitis adv dietary precaution antacid and pantaprazole

Biopsy of oesophageal lesion

Biospy of lesion and if no malignancy then Proton pump inhibitors and avoid GERD

Kindly , can you specify the lesion distance from upper incisor teeth..and diameter of lesion..need details about that lesion ..it is flat or elevated? I think, repeat the EGD and multiple biopsy should be taken min 8 or review the previous slide from another pathologist. Is there any melena history? What's the albumin and hb level?

Oesophageal ulcer bbbantacid and ŕř

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