About Myotomes

A Myotome is a group of muscles innervated by ventral root of single spinal nerve. In cases of suspected nerve damage at level of spinal cord , exiting root , it is important to keep meticulously detailed muscle testing according to Myotome to keep track of progression of condition. C1,C2 - Neck flexion C3, Xl Cranial nerve- Neck side flexion C4 Xl Cranial nerve- Shoulder elevation C5 - Shoulder abduction/ Shoulder lateral rotation C6 - Elbow flexion and/or wrist extension C7- Elbow extension and/or wrist flexion C8- Thumb extension and/or ulnar deviation T1 - Abduction and/or adduction of hand intrinsics L2 - Hip flexion L3- Knee extension L4- Ankle dorsiflexion L5- Great toe extension S1- Ankle plantarflexion , ankle eversion, hip extension S2- Knee flexion Reference - O. Sullivan .


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