TODAY'S RUBRIC : ABSORBED, buried in thought: Synonyms : -engrossed, engaged. ENGLISH MEANING : 1.Fully and deeply engrossed in a thought or idea, often to such a degree as to be unaware of or insensitive to the outside world. 2.Giving all your attention to something HINDI MEANING : तल्लीन, मगन, लवलीन, लीन, मशगूल. MARATHI MEANING : तल्लीन झालेला, गढून गेलेला. Cross references: Absorbed, Abstraction, Concentration-difficult Dream as, Fancies -absorbed, Forgetful, Memory-weakness, Misakes, Staring, Thoughts-wandering Unobserving (=Inattentive) REMEDIES : CAPS, COCC, NAT-M, OP, PULS, HELL,MEZ, NUX-M, MEZ. CAPSI. - The Capsicum mind is almost overwhelmed by persistent thoughts of suicide. He does not want to kill himself, he resists the thoughts and yet they persist, and he is tormented by these thoughts. Cocc - An idea comes into his mind and becomes fixed. He cannot convert it or move it, but it just stays there, and if he speaks he will say something that will cause you to realize that that same idea is holding on to him. So he appears to be in a state of imbecility. NAT MUR - No matter how cheering the circumstances are she cannot bring herself into the state of being joyful. She is benumbed to impressions, easily takes on grief, grieves over nothing. Unpleasant occurrences are recalled that she may grieve over them. forgets what she was going to say; loses the thread of what she is hearing or reading. Puls - The tendency is to sit day after day in a taciturn way. He will not answer questions unless hard pressed. Reference (Kent's Rep, Lectures on hom. m m, by JAMES TYLER KENT, Cambridge Eng Dict)





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