Expansile and well-demarcated radiolucency irt 46 & 48

A 39 y/o female presented with an expansile and well-demarcated radiolucency involving teeth 46 & 48. OPG demonstrates a large and well-defined unilocular radiolucency & perforation of the lingual, buccal or both plates. Tooth 46 was non-vital and both teeth 47 & 48 show evidence of root resorption. What is the diagnosis & line of treatment.



D/d- Aneurysm bone cyst, stafnes bone cyst, unilocular ameloblastoma, radicular cyst, dentigerous cyst, okc, ossifying fibrous, odontogenic myxoma. Adv histopathological examination for defnitive diagnosis.
Radicular Cyst in rel to#46, To assess exact please ask for CBCT
Extraction 46 Root resoprtion Radicular cyst OKC Biopsy
D/d- Radicular cyst, unicystic ameloblastoma Adv. Biopsy

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