Acess opening done and advice warm saline gargles.. Chief Complaints Patient may complain of pain in the lower right tooth region since last 15 days... Physical Examination Extraoral swelling with periapical abscess wrt 37 with Grade1 mobility.. Diagnosis Suggest better treatment plan..



Apart from 37. Please check irt 36 too. Radiolucency can be seen involving enamel, dentin,and pulp irt 36( look like a vertical fractured).

Endo perio lesion Rule out periodontal infection Followed by rct

Can try for good rct Furcation involvement is there can't asure about prognosis

Thank you doctor.

antibiotics plus analgesics regime for 5 days. pulp extirpation and caoh paste inside canals

But grade 1 mobility is there.. Rct is successful in this case

Give intraoral incision to abscess with proper antibiotics after symptoms subside to RCT and give cap

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