23/m patient with hydrocele. since 1 week. plz suggest the Rx...

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We need to confirm the history again. This does look like a long standing Hydrocele. Rapidly increasing Hydrocele could signify Hematocele, or severe infection. Pyocele must also be ruled out. If it is chronic then management will be Jaboulays eversion of sac
Get a Ultrasound with doppler done .Not possible such a hydrocele in 1 week time unless it is a traumatic haematocele. Treatment will depend upon USG report
One wk old hydrocele means acute onset and usual cause is infective or post traumatic Tight scrotal support along with antibiotic and antiinflamatory If Pt belongs to Bihar or eastern UP then tab Hetragen can also be given NO ROLE of surgery
Doesn't look like 1 week hydrocele. Ask for h/o trauma.. Could be hematocele. Eversion of Sac by any procedure..Lords or Jabouleys .
As it is afresh case of HydroceleRxTab give Antibiotic & tab. Hetrajan for 7_10 days & then operation forHydrocele( Radical)
Jabouleys procedure
As Dr Krishna diagnosed it correctly hydroele means it's translucent h/o 1 week is possibly wrong.hematocele or pyocele are not translucent.treatment should be radical cure in view of bigger size to reduce to near normal size instead of eversion only.if it's not translucent then considering hematocele or pyocele treat as per advised by many drs.so always insist on good history.n clinical examination.
Go for the local examination. Wat about the temperature and consistency. Any h/O trauma. Any history of fever and pain. As hydrocele can't be so big in a period of 1 week. Go for investigation CBC and USG Scrotum. But the ultimate treatment is the surgery. Start antibiotic emperically. Pain killer and DEC.
Rule out pyocele,hematocele as hydrocele does not develop in one week .viral orchititis can manifest like that .in that case orchitis may be there .. Do USG scrotum Conservative treatment first Failing which eversion of sac surgery.
Such enlarged hydrocele of short duration might be haematocele,pyocele.US of scrotum is neended to the exact diagnosis, after that go for Jabouleys evertion of sac.
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