Acidity on off since long Loose stool since three days.

Female patient of age 45 Chief Complaints Loss of appetite Weakness Acidity History History of taking Mucain gel since two days for acidity after taking syrup loose stool start Physical Examination Weak and pallor Investigations Hb:10.2hb Plt:1.3 Esr:30 Mch low Conj bilirubin: ०.29 Diagnosis Anemia with Hyperacidity


? Gastritis ? Peptic ulcer Tab HP KIT BD for 14 days Tab UNIENZYME BD for 5 days Tab BIFILAC HP for 10 days Syp SUCRALFATE 10ml Before food bd for 4 weeks Tab OROFER XT OD after HP KIT dose completed Tab RABIKIND DSR for 1 month after hp kit dose completed

Thank you doctor

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