Aconit nap should never given simply to control fever never alternated with other drug



Authors like Kent , Ghoshal states.... 1 .Do not think of Aconite in fever unless the patient is present with Aconite fever. In Aconite fever the symptoms are : sensitiveness to light , great restlessness with fever , eye straining , with pupils contracted, violent aching and inflammation of the deep structures of the ball. (Kent ) 2 . Aconite is never thought of in cases of BLOOD POISONING ie SCARLET FEVER, TYPOHOID FEVER etc. Never give Aconite for any form of ZYMOSIS , it has no zymotic history. Aconite is of no use in the slow coming continued fever. In Aconite fever has short and sharp attack and is not related to an intermittent fever. ( Kent ) 3 . Do not alternate Aconite & Ipecac. Aconite is of no use when exudation begins ( Dr. Ghoshal ).

I agree

An important statement in Allen's key note. But why so stated for Aconite... Why res: members of curofy not discussing..?

Thank you doctor

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