acute boil in sole within 2 days oncet painful and no other symptoms in 1 year child suggest your diagnosis and treatment please


Look for fever,sore throat and stomatitis. Could be hand foot and mouth disease. Caused by enterovirus

@Dr. Palanpura Apurva Pompholyx Pompholyx is challenging to treat. Topical therapy is relatively ineffective because of the thickhorny layerof skin of palms and soles. General measures Wet dressings to dry up blisters, using dilutepotassium permanganate, aluminium acetate or acetic acidCold packsSoothingemollientlotions and creamsPotent antiperspirants applied to palms and soles at nightProtectiveglovesshould be worn when doing wet or dirty workWell-fitting footwear, with 2 pairs of socks to absorb sweat and reduce friction Prescription medicines Ultrapotenttopical corticosteroid creamsapplied to new blisters under occlusion, and ointments applied during the inflamed dry phaseShort courses ofsystemic corticosteroids, eg prednisone or prednisolone, for flare-upsOral antistaphylococcalantibioticsfor secondaryinfectionTopical andoral antifungal agentsfor confirmeddermatophyteinfectionIn patients withhyperhidrosis, probanthine or oxybutynin is worth trying.In severe cases,immune modulating medicinesare indicated. These include:methotrexate,mycophenolate mofetil,azathioprineand ciclosporin.Where available, alitretinoin is used for resistantchronicdisease. Other options Superficial radiotherapyBotulinum toxin injections(to prevent sweating)Phototherapyand photochemotherapy (PUVA) therapy

Correct diagnosis & treatment; keep it up

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It's a case of pompholyx.

Its pompholyx Rx Saline soak Antibiotic steroid cream

Scabies. Please examine family members also

Any history of fever? Look for intraoral lesion Look lol HFMD


Hand foot n mouth disease


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