Acute Chest Pain

A female aged 45 years who is a known smoker Chief Complaints Severe Chest Pain (Central) Sweating Dizziness (x 4 hrs) Physical Examination Feeble peripheral pulses Mild systolic murmur heard in expiration



NSR Sinus tachycardia Acute repolarisation of st segment in V1V2V3V4V5 Flattened t waves avl STEMI/AWMI

Thanx dr Md Altaf Hussain

Hyperacute anteroseptal MI. Adv early thrombolysis or primary angioplasty.

Dear Dr. Hardik Ahuja Sir, Advice for the case by Ayurveda. Tab. Prabhakar Vati 1 BD. Tab. Hradayarnav Ras 1 BD.

Thanks @Dr. Md Altaf Sir.

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Acute anterior wall infarction ACS treat as per protocols Primary PCI is 1st choice Culprit Artery : ADA


Anteriolateral mi

Acute anterolatral MI Avd Thrombolysis and CT angiography

ST segmant Elavation-Myocardial Infraction 3rd Degree Heart Block

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