Acute inflammation of the larynx, organ of the organ of the phonation, mainly from a viral infection, the acute laryngitis, or false croup (laryngismus stridulus), appears as  a dispnea, occurring suddenly with caught and a respiratory distress. Nevertheless, an allergic acute reaction, like in a Quincke oedema, or the possibility of inhaling an object should be evaluated. This represents an extreme urgency.   In all cases, the position that the patient spontaneously adopts should be maintained. If possible,  the patient should be in a humid environment, like the bathroom where hot water is running. The three main homeopathic remedies for acute laryngitis.  ACONITUM NAPELLUS 7CH : starts suddenly around 11:00am or better around 11:00pm, cold and dry weather (cold wind, “mistral”,…). The patient is anxious+++, agitated. Lack of perspiration. Problematic of the SPHYNX:   must quickly find the right answer otherwise it is death  SPONGIA TOSTA 7CH : Slightly less hyper‐accute than the previous one. Laryngeal cough appearing at 5:00am with a very humid weather. Desire for hot drinks.   Problematic: must detach from mom.  HEPAR SULFUR 15CH: Very sever laryngitis, during the night (02:00am – 03:00am), dry weather and cold, similar to Aconit. Feeling like having a thorn in the throat, suppuration. Problematic : patient attracted by the fire, willingly pyroman; destructor. In difficult cases, alternate these three remedies every 5 minutes.






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