acute red eye in young male with watery discharge, slight pain and blurring of vision. no trauma .no nausea. normal visual acuity. further management,?



Looks like adenoviral conjunctivitis Check for preauricular lymphadenopathy Start 1. eye drop obra 0.3 %TDS 2. eye drop CMC 0.5% 6 times a day please routinely stain to look for any corneal involvement in the form of SPK or any FS positive defect.

perfect doc I usually start them on mild steroid after 2days of antibiotics eye drops.

It cud b viral conjunctivitis. Wt abt d anterior der any flare n cells Bt u said d vision is normal. if conjunctivitis it's selflimiting.strt lubricants n antibiotics topical to prevent sec bac infections.

Acute conjunctivitis. Prescribe antibiotic eyedrops . Prescribe oral azithromycin to clear genita infection. Advice dark goggles and warm compresses.

Accute viral conjunctivitis start Anti viral eye drops after 7to 10 days start mild steroid eye drops like fml

antibiotic., antiviral and lubricant.

diagnosis- viral conjunctivitis, management- wear dark glasses to prevent photophobia, good antibiotic with steroid combination eye drops, it will reduce itching, redness and antibiotic will prevent secendary bacterialinfection. use clean hanky to mop eyes, avoid public gathering. relief will occur within 24 hrs n cure will be within 3-5 days.

It could b viral conjunctivitis usually both eyes affected . Do SLE dilated pupil exam to rule out any uveal tissue involvement . If no uveitis isolation of pt , black goggles antibiotic e/d pain killer d lubricants

Low grade iritis Tropamide plus eye drops one drop 3 times a day STERIOD eye drops 3 times a day Non STERIODAL ANTIINFLAMMATORY eye drops 3 times To be reviewed by OPHTHAOLOGist

Mostly seems to be viral conjunctivitis ... Start Antibiotic nd Lubricating eye drop. . Oral NSAID for pain... Should be cure within a week. ..

viral conjunctivitis. cornea appears hazy. rx local lubricant. antibiotics local application prophylactic. ophthalmic prep.of acyclovir

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