Acute tonsillitis.what ❓is the best we can do Now



This is case a purulent tonsillitis with yellowish discoloration, painful, swelling, difficulty to swallow Give proper antibiotics like augmentin 625mg,tab enzoflam, tab chymotripsin, tab pan D with betadine gargle frequently, for 5days If not cure then plan for tonsillectomy


Administer Antibiotics like Amox/ AMOXCLAV/ erythromycin. Also Para and Ibu if fever and pain present. Warm saline gargle /betadine/mouth wash rinses. Soft liquid diet without spicy and sour ingredients that cause further irritation. Bed rest advised at this will take time to heal. Take a swab test and Culture to know causative microbes. (mostly streptococcus) If this is recurrent and causing severe troubles, consider Tonsillectomy!!

parenchymatous tonsillitis, do a c/s, adv. Tab. Augmentin 625 bd or inj. xone 1gm iv bd with iv fluids and analgesics, betadine gargle, septilin syrup .

Recurrent purrative tonsillitis....Consider age and systemic for treatment plan.....Poor oral hygiene so must go with CBC AND HIV ans HbsAg...If patient is young to middle age and all reports normal definitely go with tonsillectomy. ...

best is inj penidura ANTD chymotry/serrito vitc after surgery

pepracillin + tezobectam 1.5 bd dexamethason 2ml bd cefpodoxim 375 bd aftr 10 mint nobel cold ( mankind ) tds pantaprazol...and an antioxidant...7dyz....

surgery method are use in emergency..... mY suggestion...

Recurrent purrative tonsillitis

Increase fluid intake with NSAIDS with serratiopeptidase. Antibiotic augmentin 500 mg BD for 7 days. If resistant then azithromycin 500 od for 5 days. Saltwater or betadine gargle. If chronic case then after infections subsides go for tonsillectomy.

Start with antibiotics with supportive treatment Tonsillectomy after three weeks

Prescribe antibiotics for 5 days and after that decide whether go for tonsillectomy

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