Acute Viral Hepatitis

Acute viral Hepatitis under ix with cholestasis. Chief Complaints A 20 yr old female attended Mopd with yellowish discoloration of urine,generalized weakness and fatigue since 3 days and occasional pain in right hypochondrium. No associated fever,loose stool,Stool discoloration, pruritus etc. No H/O Blood Transfusion,high risk behavior, ayurvedic drug intake ,HTN,DM,Thyroid disorder, Substance abuse etc. O/E pt is C/A/C. Icterus present,rest General Examination normal. P/A soft,BS +,Liver palpable 4 cm below rt subcostal margin,soft non tender moving with respiration,liver span not measured. Rest Systemic Examination are normal. LFT was done showing Raised Total Bil of 5.8. Ind Bil 3.1 Direct bil 2.7 SGOT 4010 SGPT 4126 ALP 288 Rest reports are awaited. Ix includes CBC RFT Sr Electrolytes ECG 12 leads CXR PA view USG W/A HBsAG Anti HCV Covid RTPCR Urine RE Etc. Waiting for started on conservative Rx.


Continue conservative treatment with Multivitamins,Probiotics,Uredeocycholic acid 300 mg bid,Stimuliv/Adliv susp,Liberal amount of Glucose with water orally.Fresh fruits and juices.Avoidance of fried and oily meal. Let all investigations come and decide line of treatment.

Cholestatic pattern of jaundice LFT are deranged Well you have started conservative treatment


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