2 yo male child with history of fall 1 day back, alterd sensorium, normal vitals,Babinski sign +ve, decreased Activity,P/a.soft no organomegalae,CSF report attached,Hb tv dc urea cret....... injury vancomycin,cefoperazone,oflox,combeether, with mannitol,dexona,MVI what may be ddx?

What CT suggestive of?? Here undeerlined widal absolutely normal which is positive written Alkaline phosphatase normal , underlined too And why on history of fall urea creatinine widal lumber puncture cbc done ???? Is there convulsions?? Give detailed information and examination to rule out any problems if child have !!!
NCCT reports Normal study CBC done as routine Pt has birth history of delayed cry but no delay in mile stones and activities afterwards Suspected encephalitis viral/Traumatic brain injury/meningitis /sequelae of viral encephalitis No H/o fits ,

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Needs more fetsils regarxing this case. H/o fall + Like to know : Head injury. Any H/o Vomits. What about Fundus examination ? If the patient is in ALYERED SENSORIUM WHY OFLOX & DEXONA GIVEN ?? WORK UP WITH BRAIN IMAGING IS MANADITORY.
Thanks for the reply No h/o vomiting vertigo ect Provisional diagnosis was made Traumatic brain injury,viral encephalitis, meningitis Didn't did fundus examination, pupils were sluggish reactive and photophobic Oflox indicated as suspect of tubercular meningitis Dexona given as antiinflammatory reaction in brain paranchyma after TBI ???

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Among the batteries of investigation only Hb is quite low. Along with perinatal ischemic injury of brain . Please go for USG whole abdomen. Please search for any intraabdominal hge
@Dr. Dhananjay Pandey Cause of PVL or periventricular leucomalacia is perinatal asphyxiation hypoxic ishaemic encephalopathy ,not related to recently event
Ty boss..Plz comment about management plan for leucomalacic changes What may be the cause of sudden onset of floppiness without any history of delayed mile Stones

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I am at a loss for words seeing the battery of investigations without a clinical diagnosis What are we suspecting here Who is managing the case Is the child in ICU ?
Yes the child is in PICU

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May be old case leukomalacia now aseptic meningitis with iron def anaemia
Provisional diagnosis should come from the admitting unit
Adv-ct of brain

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