Ovarian cyst and adenomyosis!

30 yr female unable to conceive .had earlier pcos too.Now haemorragic cyst n adenomyosis.had undergone surgery for some cyst few years back too.was declared fit for conception after surgery.gained weight.has one 6 yr boy and not able to conceive for second time.


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Enlarged spleen Ovarian cyst
Thank you doctor

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Gokshuradi gugalu 2 bd Chandraprabhavati 2 bd Amycordial syp 2 tsf bd Go for thyroid profile CBC
Thank you doctor
Basically problem in forming... Prescribe Habi Hamal... This will work..
Please check the cbc as there is splenomegaly, ashokarishta, mensokot
What about the menstrual cycle
It's on time but menorrhagia on 2nd day of periods

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