Worsening skin lesions

A 60-year-old female developed this lesion on her forearm, photos taken weekly. Local doctor treated with Cephalexin 500mg qid 7 days. It seemed to improve but worsened, then Clindamycin, followed by a punch biopsy. Then was diagnosed as a dermal abscess. She was then changed to Flucloxacillin 500mg qid for 12 days, recently reviewed and now on Erythromycin Despite the antibiotics, it is increasing in size. It seems te heal from the ‘inside’ with a silver scaly area. Mildly itchy. The patient has other similar lesions: buttock, above the knee. Outer rim of rash seems vesicular and erythematous and as it expands the inner area turns dark and scaly. Any idea on diagnosis and treatment?


Psoriasis Needs further investigation and evaluation to conclude and treatment plan . Till reports complied Steroid orally and locally. Multivitamin and antioxidant orally. Antihistamine orally. Rehydrate skin by applying moisturizer or emollient lotion locally. Reassurance and counciling required.
Thanks Dr Kute Ankush

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Tnx Dr Sanjoy sarkar

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Psoriasis treatment Tab Apxenta 30 one daily ointment Pacroma apply locally twice
Psoriasis Oral & topical steroids Antiallergic
?? Granuloma Annulare / Sarcoid / Psoriasis
D/d 1 DLE 2 psoriasis
Thanx dr Kute Ankush

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Suspected DLE DD psoriasis Foristal1bd betamethasoneGM locally Antioxidant
Psoriasis Oral & Topical Steroids Antiallergic Antioxidant
Psoriasis. D/D: Bullous lesion.
Psoriasis DD Lupus erythrematosis
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