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19 yrs female patient k/c/o pulmonary Koch's complete 6 month treatment and after 2 Months gap restart cat 1 for about 3 months also approximate complete treatment of extra 3 month and from app 1 month complaint cervical lymphadenopathy and back pain and mild night fever x ray of Feb s/o minimal regression and this months x ray s/o minimal regression what is the line of treatment


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Gene ultra should be done

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Adv biopsy HPE of lymph node. Consider atypical mycobacterium species, MDR TB and extrapulmonary TB in mind. In case Pulmonary origin, may plan for sputum CBNAAT and culture.

FNAC shows tb infection of cervical lymphadenopathy please explain line of treatment

Needs further investigation and evaluation to conclude the cause resistance and restarts treatment according to reports. Reassurance and counciling required ,do not miss dose or any other members of family are well , surrounding areas condition ,if she is student or working detail history Good nutritious balanced diet and improve General health and personal hygiene.

Thanks Dr Vipin Bihari Jain

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History suggest she is a c/o MDR TB Adv lymphnode biopsy Send for c&s cbnaat DOT WITH SECOND LINE CAT2 IS ADVISABLE

I think cat2 if cat 1 not responding

Do CBNAAT to detect resistance.. Then start ATT accordingly..

Gene ultra should be done

Pls put CXR if you have.