10 year old girl with K/C/O ADHD Problems resulting in frequent suspensions from school. She was also diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, and pervasive developmental disorder by the previous doctor. Already taking modern medicine treatment, however there has not been much improvement. Parents complain that with the medicines she becomes drowsy, they feel like she is not improving with treatment but only sleeps with those medicines. Appetite irregular Bowel mild constipation Urine normal Please suggest what can be done in this case?




It's quite common in neurodeficiet child....need more history for resolve the according to ur given totality....we have to start with TUB, like medicine...,,,,.carcinosine like medicine also can work if indicated....

Start with Nux v

Prayers, pure veg diet,cool foods, walnuts blue berries sunshine ginger, cherries, pomegranates, sproutskalijeeri,cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval lime juice, pineapple,aphase going on...head covering with white cotton, praying to night when she sleeps... mother to pamper her forehead with prayers..home atmosphere should be pleasing and happy...some music in house to teach singing and playing an teach the child fundamental prayers..God bless her....and she recoups soon .. thanks

Child is totally hyperactive, he is not at ease at any ongoing tasks, rather grasping capacity is marked well, child if playing a game then he not even completes it n get engaged in other activities. Height weight percentiles to the age are in normal limits. Followed T/T Brahmi ghruta+yashti churna with milk Bramhi vati, laghu malini vasant and arvindasava. Mild virechana once in a week.

Very common 10 millions in India. Reduced or become normal by giving treatment. But can't be cured. Chronic ,some time disappeared after several years. Or be in lifelong.

Ksheerbala avartana taila(Indriya prasadana) Medhya ghrutha should be used Proper counseling is advised

Coffea cruda Stremonium Hyoscyamus Varatrum alb Take history in detail and differentiat medicine

Chest bud and Mimulus (batch flower remedies) Are very effective in such type of mental illness

Nasya with brahmi ghrit , vacha grhit Shankhapuspi Meditation Yogas Healthy diet and life style

Nidhi Sharma ji Syr Cognium 2 Tsf TDs Tab Brento 1 BD

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