Adult ADHD

Complaint of Adult ADHD in a 17 years old boy. He is very restless, unable to concentrate on one thing. He is otherwise quick in grasping and learning but cannot sit idol for more than 5 minutes in a singe activity. His speech also is fast due to it Prakriti pitta and agni bala vishama. Parents say he has used many counselling & therapy sessions with no change in symptoms Suggest treatment Doctors



Saraswata ghrita or Brahmi ghrita or Kushmanda ghrita 2 tsp bd Ashwagandha churna + Kushtha churna + Tagara chirna mixed well and ½ tsp of this with ghrita Cognium tab 1 bd

Sulphur200 single.dose.

Homeopathic Sulphur 30


Rx Sulphur may be helpful

Suggest ct

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