Advance periodontitis. Can you tell how to do the treatment @



Over all its Ginival over growth Gingival hyperplasiaor Gingyval hypertrophy Hyperplasia refers to an increased number ofcells, and hypertrophy refers to an increase in the size of individual cells. Histopatholy differentiates this. Reasons could be -Enlargement associated with systemic diseases or conditions Leukemia -Neoplastic enlargementFalse enlargement. benignneoplasms, such asfibromas,papillomasandgiant cell granulomas -Drug induced enlargement Anticonvulsants(phenytoin,phenobarbital, topiramateandprimidone calcium channel blockers(antihypertensives such asnifedipine,amlodipine, andverapamil). -Inflammatory enlargement -Tissueedemaand infective cellular infiltrationcaused by prolonged exposure tobacteria Please Elicit history very thoroughly..very important Any epileptic seizures...where phenytoin is prescribed for long period..I strogly suspect this. Treatment line Improveoral hygiene ---remove irritative calculus from around the necks of the teeth. Later significantfibroticcomponents that do not respond to and undergo shrinkage go for Gingevectomy (external bevel incision) or LASERS.

Gingival enlargement.. Do proper scaling and curettage, periodontal dressing by local drug delivery (tetracycline ).. Amoxy clav, metron, chx, Gumex.. Ask the pt if she is having any medicines like barbiturates or any else..rule out for any drug induced.. Wait for two weeks, if condition subsides it's ok, else u hv to go for gingivectomy..

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Thorough oral prophylaxis then follow up... if there's still gingival enlargement then go for surgery..... After prophylaxis keep her on liquid diet, metronidazole ointment to apply locally and betadine mouthwash.... teach her the proper way of brushing teeth.....

Gingival overgrowth. Scalling . Gingivectomy is only option. Cheek for past medical history.any systemic diasis?


ThoroughSupragingival and subgingival scalings curetage tetracycline dressings and lastly Gingivectomy is advised.Tab Ofloxcinand Oranidazole combination and VitBcomplexwith VitC. Antacids are go be give. Ducats the patient for maintain the good oral hygiene.

Drug induced gingival enlargement.. ask for any drug history.. if present then refer to phy for drug substitute.. meanwhile do proper SRP and give CHX mouthwash.. such type of enlargement gen would not subside and later on periodontal surgery is required..

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Its gingival hyperplasia ...go for proper medical history first n then decide treatment plan accordingly

Doctor ask for pt whether she is taking drugs for medical illness or not?....than first do scaling&root planing....followed by rinsing

Recall visit...if it's not subsided than go for gingival surgery

Gingival hyperplasia Gingival hypertrophy

What is the cause for gingival overgrowth

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