'Code of standards in relation to the advertising of medicines and treatments' clearly laid principles for advertising. How the advertising media allowing adds like natural product, slimming, weight reduction/limitation, figure control etc.? Any exceptions in code ?


Sorry for the language I am going to use. In india rules are made fools. And medicine are like a sleeping dog of street , everybody kicking the dog ,the way he wants , law is there for everything but it's implementation depends upon the person what kind of relation he had it depends upon money and money power . Various pathies are there to treat ,few illiterate businessman or Baba's by putting pressure declare medicine as commercial and few without any scientific research or trial claim whatever they want , there is hardly any authority who want to check or initiate enquiry against them despite of apex court orders as happening in case of Ramdev claiming cure of COVID.

Thanks Dr Rama krishna Pedada.

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