Aegle folia / aegle marmalis (bel leaves) (bel) common

Aegle folia / Aegle Marmalis (Bel leaves) (Bel) Common Name- Bel leaves Hindi- Bel Sanskrit- Bilwa, Tripatra English- Bengal quince Family- Rutaceae Description ----------------------         It is indigenous to India and is found wild all over sub-Himalayan forests. It is considered to be very auspicious and sacred to Hindus as it is offered to Lord Shiva. It is considered as an emblem of fertility.        The fruit of this tree is mainly used for treating diarrhoea & dysentery. Mostly half ripe fruit is used for medicinal purposes. Aegle marmelos is prepared from the fruit and Aegle folia is prepared from leaves of bel plant. Homoeopathic uses ---------------------------------         Like Aegle marmelos this drug has also been found effective in gastro-intestional affections particularly dysentery & piles.        Dysentery-Flatulent colicky pains with loose mucoid stool & mixed with blood. Urga starts soon after taking food. Pain griping in abdomen > passing flatus.         Piles- Blind, painful with itching. Constipation, stool hard & scanty. Persons suffering from indigestion with sour eructations.        Potency-6



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