Breast cancer?

73 y/o presents with right breast areolar erythema, retracted nipple. Pt was previously treated by PCP with antibiotics 3 months ago, had nipple discharge that time. She had mammogram and ultrasound twice. That was told normal. No biopsy done. Today came for antibiotics for her mastitis. Gave trial antibiotics keflex. Please Discuss the possibility of breast cancer- IBC inflammatory breast ca or intraductal breast cancer. Ordered MRI right breast.

Nipple slit retraction without circumferential with erythema...differential diagnosis ductal ectasis,most common lobular carcinoma in situe rather than ductal carcinoma,pagets disease..periductal mastitis...2 to 3 attempt failure of fnac go for mri, trucut biopsy mammogram cant see blind spot of retroareolar area..inflamatery ca couldn't be...because its only happens in pregnancy...and definitely give clinical diagnosis..and it will go very aggressive like localy advanced stage 3
Puckering of areola with peau de orange colour are sign of CA breast Physical examination locally about mass and its mobility Regarding intraductal or ibd go for biopsy and sonomamography And markers It will require radical mastectomy followed by chemo and radiotherapy
Thanx dr Vipin Bihari Jain
peau de orange appearance breast carcinoma biopsy should take ca tumour markers should test CA 15-3 CA 27.29 CA 125 Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)
?? Intraductal carcinoma of Breast Adv Clinical examination of breast and axilla Sonography Mammography Trucut Biopsy
Need palpation findings... then if mass. go for tru cut ..if no mass give proper antibiotics...let us see the mri report
_clear case of carcinoma breast Peau de orange typically Ca125 and biopsy to confirm
Ibc-hpe with er /pr/her2 neu.- chemo 6 cycle- mrm- rt and hormonal as per yor report
Brest melignency after confrminfirmi g CEA../ CA 125/ Truct biopsy.
Adv MRI before final diagnosis. As well biopsy.
Ca breast. Please go for tumour markers too
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