Svasthasya rakṣaṇaṃ kuryādasvasthasya tu buddhimān Kṣapayēd bṛmhayēccāpi dōṣadhātumalān bhiṣak Tāvadyāvadarōga: syādētatsāmyasya lakṣaṇaṃ (Su. Sū. 15–40) In the meantime, in the words of Suśruta, “He is healthy (svastah), whose doṣas, agnis, and the functions of the dhātusand malas are in equilibrium; whose mind, intellect, and sense organs are bright and cheerful.” There are three major symptoms of the coronavirus: fever, shortness of breath, and a dry cough. As with the flu, there will also be fatigue and body/muscle aches, but shortness of breath is less likely in uncomplicated cases of the flu. The common cold typically involves a low or no fever, a runny nose, and cough with phlegm. With the coronavirus, the cough tends to be drier and there is no runny nose. The coronavirus starts with a sore throat lasting 3–4 days, and then moves to the lungs and can lead to pneumonia. With the onset of pneumonia, fever, cough, and shortness of breath typically worsen.

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Dear Dr. Minhaj Ahmed, Good Paribhasha.