Agantuja Vruna

Patient came with history of Nail Prick 5 days back while working on a construction site. Took TT shot and taking Ofloxacin & Aceclofenac from Govt Hospital Now came for further management Drained the pus and advised dressing with Shath Dhowt Ghrita + Tankan Bhasma Avachurnana Advised to continue the Analgesics and 7 days Antibiotics course Not advised any Ayurvedic Drug yet, planning to add after the Antibiotics Course. Please share your valuable opinion on this case


LikeAnswersShare need debridment..shodhana..sivana karma..due to vrana and aanchana and aasthapana karma as per text. so here as per modern treatment they have done all this measure as required. for 2 to 3 days whatever collection is there thet we have to remove..that is also i think they are doing properly..only thing is to prevent the infection.. so here proper antibiotics required. precausions - blood sugar level should be normal, bleeding or ozzing shoud not be there internally, complete restand imobilisation, check the pulsation of post tibial and dorsalis padis to rule out the proper circulation, Observe the fever , cyanosis and redness over fingers to prevent the necrosis. elevation of leg to reduce the oedema, proper bandaging, ayurvedic medicines - Guduchi swarasa (fresh) 40ml twice, it will reduce the cellulitis and improve the blood circulation also prevents the infection and help to heal the bony and muscular injury. ashvagandha, bala, vidarikanda, guduchi kshirpaka 50 ml/twice, and other balya and rakta shuddhikar dravyas we can use. Sukshma triphala, aabhadi guggulu, gandhaka rasayana can be used. Aahara - No kledakara and abhishandi aahar Avoid rice, chana, green peace, bread, non veg, Nachani..etc...this diet should be adjusted according to prakruti and associated diseases. Vihara - No movements, sthanic aseptic precautions and proper hyegine. No divaswapa, Avoid ratri jagaran...etc... elevation of leg to reduce the oedema, proper bandaging, should not very tight.

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निज व्रण है। चिकित्सा संबंधी योग ,,,,,, गैंदा के फूल और हल्दी को गाय के मूत्र में पीसकर लेप करें और फिर उस पर पट्टी बांध दें अगले दिन सुबह गाय के मूत्र से धो लें और फिर यही कार्य करें। मृत्युंजय रस 2 रत्ती सत गिलोय 4 रत्ती शहद में मिलाकर सुबह-शाम सेवन कराएं।

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Silica 200

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06 globules of Ledum palustre 200 twice a day for 3 days... in our book of materia medica our master Dr. Kent especially mentioned about this type of injury...

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Tablet Septilin, Tablet Gandhak rasayan and panchtrikt ghrit guggul can be advised.

Just out of curiosity would like to ask why Ayurvedic medicines are not given in the above case Internally?

Rx Ledum pal.

Thank you doctor

Can we use Panchavalkala kashaya / triphala kashaya for prakshalana Can we bandage the wound which may not worse the condition.

You Can add 1.Gandhak Rasayan 2 bd 2.Jatyadi Ghritam for External application 3.Vranaprakshalna with Panchavalkala qwath

Antim curud 200

Thank you doctor
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