Age 10 month C/o - the lesion as in the pics for the last 15 days not associated with fever or diarrhea.The lesions are itchy



Tinea infection abdomen Folliculitis scalp Acne vulgaris on face Scabies on hands & legs

Thank you doctor

Insect bite Hypersensitivity reaction. Momate F cream Twice daily Oral suspension Augmentin duo ( 228.5 mg /5ml ) 3.5 ml BD for 5 days Calamine + Light liquid paraffin lotion Twice daily Oral suspension Levocetrizine (2.5mg/5ml) 2.5 ml HS

Rx amyron syrup 5ml bd Balchaturbhadra syrup 5ml bd Shunnthi dhnayak fant 5ml bd locally, cutis cream and Aloevera gel application

Sulphur may be remedy Have to wait for some tym May be aggravated in beginning of case Apply coconut oil

Ist pic looks like of tinea corporis and other pics are pointing to scabies.

Thank you doctor

Staphylococcus dermatitis.

Herpes simplex Lacto calamine lotion Syp ceterize

Kali bichromicum and chelidonium can cure it.