Dentinogenesis imperfecta

Age : 19yrs Sex : female Absence of permanent dentition except #36 & #46 due to genetic disorder (amelogenesis imperfecta & dentinogenesis imperfecta. My adv:- replacement of primary dentition with implants What's your advice.




Good case of dentinogenesis imperfecta Yes dental implants can provide him good relief

Thanx dr Manjit Singh Chauhan

Please post opg & additionally external root resorption can be treated successfully with rct +gum therapy ;except it's extend till the apical 3rd causing grade 3 mobility .In that case extraction will be required with replacement by prosthesis.

Is it for long term. Because pt. Is 19 yrs only

Full mouth rehabilitation with post &core followed by veeners if opg is okay

Thank you doctor but root resorption is also there @Dr. Kalyani Sonawane

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Yes sir . Also, Advice patient to maintain oral hygiene.

Go for implants for long term solution.

Best is implants !!

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