age 23f suffering last 6months mild to moderate itching mild crust symptoms all most gernalized please suggest dx and rx

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Tinea corporis . Tab terbinafine 250 mg od for 14 days. clotrimazole dusting powder locally . Terbinafine cream locally treat hyperhidrosis. wear loose clothes . Dry the area involved . Don't wear wet clothes. Anti histaminics orally for itching sos.

DADRU according to Ayurved. Rakta Shodhan chikita will helpful. Adv. Gandhak Rasayan 1 tab BD Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu 1 tab BD Khadirarishta 10ml BD Panchanimbadi Tailam + Marichyadi Tailam for local application Swanubhoot Yoga of Manjishthadi Churna + Haridra Khand + Abhrak Bhasma + Avipattikar Churna + Sheetpitta bhanjan rasa = 3gm BD Advice to avoid oily spicy food, junk food, pitta vardhak ahar vihar

Krimighna chiktsa also needed. Add some vidang combination.

Tinea corporis Please maintain the hygiene and sanitation Fluconazole 150 weekly for 12 weeks Tab Erythromycin TID for 5 days Tab levocetrizine OD Cream Zole F application Clotrimizole powder dusting Cotton cloth Change the infected dressess

It is kshudra kushtha. Dushya : Rasa and Rakta Dosha : Pitta and kapha Rx is : 1) Aarogyavardhini 60 tabs + Gandhaka rasayan 60 tab + Sutashekhar rasa 60 tab + Rasamanikya 5gm mix all properly and give 500mg BD with 60ml Mahamanjhishthadi kadha. 2) Indrayava + Patol + Kutaki all in equal quantity and make kwath from it...1 tsp churna add in 2 cup of water and reduce to 1 cup and take it twice in a day after food. 3) Nimba tail for local application. 4) Mridu virechan by Gandharva haritaki 1 tsp HS (at bed time) Avoid pitta vardhaka aahar vihar and outside food like pickel, pizza, burger, cold drinks, oily and spicy food etc. Wear clean cloths and keep the affected area dry...use some talcum powder like darmi cool or any other to avoid sweating over the affected area.

Tinea corporis extensive t. terbenafine 250 mg od 3-4 weeks antihistamine and topical antifungal

Tinea corporis

Tinea corporis.

Teniadd psoriasis

Tinea corporis- tab. Terbinafine-250 mg once a day for 3 weeks topical antifungal bd- and oral antihistamine

Tenia corporis

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