Stammering speech

Age: 24/M C/O: Stammering in front of elders, strangers or any persons who are elder than him. All who are elders than him , he gets very long exert to speak any words. Also possible when he is in stress, upset or in anxiety. But no any complaints or exerts in front of his younger or same age. He speak normal without any exert in front of younger person. In childhood he get very long exert but now there is 90% better than childhood without any therapy or medication. But now there is no changes in speaking and this complaints only remains. Past history- OT of retinal detachment- lt side. before 4 years - Jaundice at age of 12yr Family history- his maternal uncle's son has same problem Thermal: Chilly pt Dreams: continuous dream about what he is thinking Allergy : cold air - continuous sneezing 20-25 at a time Mental: very sensitive to usne bola vo hona hi chahiye...bhut hi chanchal hai...bahot hi lagnisheel hai. Kisiko b dard me nahi dekh skta. Jisko nhi pehchanta agar vo dard me ho to b uske liye kuchh b kr deta hai..kbhi kisiko dard me dekh kar rone b lagta hai...kisi par b prem, daya bhaut hi jldi aa jata hai..uske liye vo apni jaan laga deta hai..agar kabhi gussa aaya kisinr uska bola hua kaam nhi kiya to bhaot hi tivr gussa aata hai ...desire to company, Anxiety about future and his juniors,



Take his case again.... & Treat his mental symptoms like Apprehension , Fear, Anxiety, Nervousness etc & prescribe. ( His stammering < by any of the above symptoms ).

Most of the symptoms indicate Causticum. Please think about it


Phos 200

Phosphorus 30 can help !!! Phosphorus is the remedy for this case

Phosphorus may be helpful

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Phosphorus 1 m sd ..n wait

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