Age 30years, male, the lesion on right mammae growing for last 1 pain,no suffering,very hard to touch....weight 38kgs ,work in field...any opinion ?



The most common male breast mass is gynecomastia, followed by lipoma and epidermal inclusion cysts. My Provisional Diagnosis is EPIDERMAL INCLUSION CYST But, on account of HARDNESS do advise for BIOPSY.

Thuja 1M Silicia 1M00

Its a Shastra Sadhya Vyadhi.... Advice for Surgical management...

Lipoma or cyst

Epidermoid cyst. ?

It will be easier to provide treatment if you notice that the knot is tight or soft and has a sliding edge.

Ductal Cyst?

Thank you, sir !

Surgically removal of the cyst

Biopsy should be done

Biopsy must

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