Age 35yrs, eruption whole body, tiny, like prickly-heat, itching constantly, with the lesion on rt arm. Is this a dermatitis or ?

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Contact dermatitis case ,. lower lesion with Wet Superaided infection due nail itching I think so Treatment. silisea 200 with Graphitis 200 daily , sulpher ointment locally with Aloeveera jell

DD:----- *Discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE). *Seborrheic dematitis. *Tinea corporis →Tinea incognito.

Allergic dermatitis, GRAPHITIES Is good medicin

It is a case of IMPETIGO probably contracted from a child with whom she has proximity. Antim crud 6, 1 dose


Intertrigo, unhealthy skin. Give calcarea carb 200. belladonna 30 later if any acute trouble arises or when improvement stalls.

Graphites 200 weekly .

Dermatitis (allergic) and belowRing worm lnfection.syrp Ragata doshata15ml xbd after meals Aloe Vera cream L.A. onit ring ring for l.a.

Seems like Impetigo ...

It's Ringworm . Becilinum -1M Tellurium-30 thrice a day.

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