Age 36 Married Wart Complaint 5-6 months Diagnosis and Treatment plz @Dr. Parveen Yograj



Penile coronal warts . OR CONDYLOMA ACUMINATA CONDYLOMA latum . Diagnosis- can be made by a direct visual inspection with bright light and magnification . If in doubt , a biopsy can confirm the diagnosis. Treatment- Topical Podophyllin resin OR better is podofilox gel topically twice a day for 3 days .It can be repeated in 2- 3 cycles . Option are Imiquimod gel topically Laser therapy Cryotherapy IFN topically. However , my personal opinion is a circumcision which will remove most of the warts. Few on shaft can be removed with podofilox gel. As it is caused by human papilloma virus mostly type 6 and 11, it is a STD , so sexual relations are to be avoided till cure is achieved


? Genital warts /Condylema acuminatum Treatable but uncured Treatment as Dr Praveen Yograj sir have maintioned


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Seeing on genital viral verruca warts Adv HSV profile VDRL HIV Treatment Electrcro coutery ya peel section as per disease Tav Vermisole 15mg 1 weakly Tab Zink 50 mg 1 OD Tab Terbinafine 250mg OD Tab Antiviral as per patient according V wash If u any procedure doing than maintenance some antibiotics jel with tab Another by Tacrolimus 0.1% Crm Or some diagnosis of Pathology opening


Condyloma Acuminata A viral disease with verrucous lesions which is usually sexually transmitted A proper history of contact’s is essential His partner( if married) should be examined and advised accordingly Blood tests for VDRL and HIV Tr- Topical podophyllin. Chance’s of recurrence should be explained to the patient

CONDYLOMA accuminata . Counseling+ 25% podophyllin resin in tincture benzoin to applied after taking care of surrounding area

Condyloma acuminata rx topical podiphylin


Condyloma accuminata(genital warts)

Chondyloma Accuminata.Follow treatment as Dr Yogiraj Sir advised

Verruca venereal warts for cautery

Chondyloma Accuminata.

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