Age 54 yrs female C/o Pain in the left elbow joint ( both epicondyle region) since 1 year Type of pain sore bruised < lifting weight, working using the left arm > rest, not doing any works, gentle massaging Pain in the hip joint since 6 month Type of pain (stinging ) rest , Pain in the occiput region Cannot keep head eye on pillow < head bath Desire: spicy foods Thirst : increased drinks small quantity frequently Sleep : on back, lying on affected side cause pain, disturbed sleep due to pain sweat : forehead Menopause before 1 year General < summer Desire open air P/h diabetic since 5 years taking gliclaxide + metformin



Ruta 200


Rx Bryonia.

एसिड फ्लोर 200 रस टाक 200

Ruta calc phos calc flour

Bryonia 30 and 5 phos BD will help along with constitutional remedy

Rhus tox & calc phos