Skin Disorders & Allergy

Age: 56/M C/O: Allergy of salt and sour things. Also sometimes spicy food. Causing itching, redness, swelling, when scratching slightly fluid comes out. Region affected thigh, back of thigh, hands. Cetrizine and antifungal ointment relieves complaints. Amelioration of cold application or ice application. Avoid Fermented food causing stomach disturbance. Past history- Ca bladder- operated. Now no any complaints about that. Family history- Wife- death- Ca uterus Mentals: Religious. He wants that nobody should disturb or hurt by him. So he always take care about that matter. Plz suggest homoeopathic remedy.



Start with sulphur 1m

Rx Sulphur 1m(hs) than after 24 hour Graphites 200 bd

Graphitis may be helpful

Tellurium 30

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