age 58 yr femail c/o chest pain 8 epigastric region


Sinus bradycardia. Low voltage, st-t horizontality... T inversion in V1-3. Aspirin& A statin can be added. Follow up after 1 month.. CTmt can be done later. Or 2D echo

sinus bradycardia with low voltage with flat st t changes in 3 lead and t invertion in v1,v2,v3

the ECG is not suggestive of any ischemic changes..may b the symptoms are due to APD..

ECG has non specific st T changes Pl do trip I cardiac marker to r/o ACS

Gastro oesophageal reflux disorder

ecg : poor prog r waves


normal sir

ecg shows st-t changes in 3 v1 v2 v3 not significant unless u get trop-t cpkmb repeat ecg after 1hr n look out for clinical corelation & progress in ecg changes if any .work up the pt for thyroid lipid profile.later gett stress test & 2decho...treat wth iv pantoprozole & antacid .add statin aspirin in low doses..usg abdomen to ruleout cholelithiasis.if symptoms persist then ogdscopy for gastritis.

normal axis, sinus brady, no signi st t changes at present, look for risk factors, dynamic changes in serial ecg.., if enzymes available do tat too.. treat as apd if u don't get results supporting acs by serial ecgs nd enzymes... rule out hypothyroidism...

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