Plueral effusion

Age 65 years female has been suffering with weakness with left side chest pain along with shoulder pain & verigo also Bp : 90/40 mm of hg Hr : 90 / min Spo2: 96 % Temp 94°F H/o Diabetes No HTN No cough, no cold, no SOB S1, S2 normal Hrct chest shows collapse of anteromedial segment of Left lower lobe Moderate left plueral effusion Edema of left hand seen today Dear doctors kindly suggest me further evaluation & treatment Old fracture of 6th, 7th, 8th Ribs Osteoporosis




Weakness Lt side pl effusion Lt hand oedema - developing # Lt side ribs-old Lt side chest pain and shoulder also Osteoporosis is present So needs to evaluate cervical vertebrae , osteoporotic changes

Thank you doctor

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