Hemiplegia, Lithesis of L5 over S1

Age 72 male Hemiplegia No h/o HTN, DTM, right leg and hand unable to move properly. And Reports shows below L1 Compression fracture osteoporosis, grade 1 anterior lithesis of L5 over S1 Please Dx or Rx



Multiple lacunar infarcts in capsuloganglionic region and right corona radiate. Cerebral atrophy. Needs to have MRI to explain right sided hemiplegia L1 compression and gr1 listhesia are incidental findings. MRI , ECHO , and Carotid doppler

Thank you doctor

First of all you should have to apply lumbar belt with complete bed rest. MRI OF brain will be done. If this shows only lacular Infarct then you prescribe inj. Neurokind with corticosteroids with inj. Neurocetam for 5 days

I agree

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