age:75 Gender: male other health history: COPD doctors have suggested WHIPPLE. Please give your valuable suggestions, what is the success rate? can he go for WHIPPLE at this age?



The patient definitely needs whipples procedure. Neither COPD or age is per se a contraindication. It depends how is his physiological age as suggested by Dr. Saurabh Gupta. Definitely Whipple's Procedure is not without morbidity. But if the patients GC is good, with proper pulmonary rehab, he can still undergo this procedure. Will definitely need a good team of Surgeons, intensivist and physiotherapists.

thank u very much for your valuable suggestion

Personally I will not advise Whipple procedure, it has maximum complications more mortality , success rate is minimal, even patient is fortunate, survival rate is 3 to 5 years, even when Highly skilled surgeon. If patient is my relative, I will not go for surgery, let's patient live happily & peacefully. Complete his desires. Now it's your decision.

thank u very much for your valuable suggestion

Exploratory LAPOROTOMY suggested , if fitness is given by anesthetist and cardiologist. If respectable, Whipple can be attempted . If there is wide spreads, gastro gejunostomy and choledochojejunostomy can be done . Chemotherapy and radiation to follow.

tolerance for this pt after surgery is unlikely with his copd and 75yrs though the lesion is small...better to weight for report cect abd report will be better meanwhile improve the pt nutrition pre op. once tumor positive....considering his age not to do that aggressive sugery neoadjunt chemo RT can be tried..

though surgery will be successful .his postop morbidity is very high and depends on anesthesia complications .and mortality ll be high compared to others

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Recently operated Whipple surgery in 73 yr old lady mother of doctor with interstitial lung disease and CAD . She had tolerated surgery very well and discharge on day 8.

Better Improve the general condition of the patient , pulmonary function and proceed...

whipples has periop mortality and morbidity and is risky considering his age and COPD. but choosing a Pt for Whipple is an art rather than science. so inspite of age and comorbidities sx can be an option. Without surgery also he will die because of cancer. so if relatives understand the risk associated why not take a chance.

it's much risky for old age and copd patient to undergo any procedures, better live him happily.

thank u very much for your valuable suggestions

physiological age rather than chronological age is important... looking to the age n COPD i dnt think pt will be fit for such a major surgery.. let the treating doctors' team decide this

Thank you very much
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