age/sex- 30/male, intraoral swelling, what is diagnosis?



its difficult to diagnose it just on the basis of 3 d reconstruction without proper opg and occlusal radiograph however it seems to be a dentigerous cyst arising from the 1st premolar as it grows it has also encircled other impacted teeth

usually Keratocystic odontogenic tumor or OKC spreads anteroposteriorly and common location for it and other lesions like myxoma is posterior mandible...nevertheless confirm the daignosis on Histopathology by taking intrabony biopsy or through extraction socket after extraction of primaries and then proceed

most likely to be an dentigerous cyst because , this cyst has tendency to resorb adjacent roots but okc don't show this characteristic feature.... number of tooth involved in one cystic lesion it can be dentinoma

I wonder what this could be.. Odontogenic Keratocyst or Adenomatoid Odontogenic tumor or Multiple dentigerous cyst. What does the CT report say by the way doc??

dentigerous cyst... as okc aot wont be, on closely viewing the cbct you will find the premolar and canine impacted with its folicle above... so its a definte dentigerous cyst... excision of lesion and histopath will confirm

there are two supplemental premolar extract the premolar lying above horizontally and one lying molar. extract the c and d. reaction 3 and 4 because there is large osseous defect due to dentigerous cyst (if detigerous cyst one can attempt orth and if okc surgical line of tx). even in upper arch there are impacted teeth that too require ortho. before ortho establish the pathologic diagnosis. ortho dontic treatment will improve bone hight and intigrty and reduce chane of pathologic fracture

check for vitality of erupted incisor s, premolar and molar per surgical and post and do rct if required

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Hi doc it's mostly it's keratocytic odontogenic tumor (kcot) earlier we use to call as okc its non syndromic type it shold be differtiatex by ameloblastoma and myxoma treatment could be wise excision or marsupilization very common recurrence we have to be very carefully it's derived from dental lamina call tests of serae

probably dentigerous cyst surrounding first premolar which is displaced from its position... extract the overretained primary teeth and also surgical extraction of impacted teeth along with enucleation of cyatic lesion

OKC Dentigerous cyst

That's such a unique case!! Can't take off my eyes thinking how can it be like this!

it can also be kot but again axial and occlusal is required to assess it

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