AHIPHENA Description: Botanical name : Papaver somniferum Linn. Family : Papaveraceae SANSKRIT SYNONYMS: Ahiphena, Khasatila, Subhrapushpa, Aphena AYURVEDIC PROPERTIES Rasa : Tikta, Kashaya Guna : Sookshma, Rooksha, Vyavayi Virya : Ushna Vipaka : Katu Prabhava : Madakari PLANT NAME IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES English : Opium poppy Hindi : Kaskas, Aphim Malayalam : Avin, Karuppu, Kasakasa Distribution – Cultivated in Rajasthan, Utter predesh and Madhya Pradesh states in India, and in Afghanistan and some parts of Europe. PLANT DESCRIPTION An erect annual herb, grows up to 60 cm in height. Leaves are solitary, alternate, lobed or toothed irregularly; flowers large bright red or white; fruits large globular capsules. Seeds white or dark brown. MEDICINAL PROPERTIES Plant pacifies vitiated vata, pitta, pain, diarrhea, colic, muscle spasm, insomnia, insanity, premature ejaculation, in controlled dose. In excess dose it acts as a narcotic. Useful part : Fruits, seeds, petals, fruit extracts. (Dear Homeopathic, Unani, Siddha an Yoga Physicians, Let me know if you don't want me to tag you in this kind of post.......)




@Dr. Hemant Adhikari Sir, An useful update and recapitulation of Dravya guna Knowledge by this helpful post. Use of Ahipena ( Apim )is vast in Ayurveda but one important Yoga I want to Share is that - In Odisha we formulate a drug named Ahipenadi Makaradhwaja Used for Atisara and worked excellently.

@Dr. Hemant Adhikari Thank you for this nice detailed information! Just a suggestion of you could let us know according to virya and vipaka what kind of dosha upset can be cured with this medicinal plants. Hope to get a favourable response!

And in what kind of Prakriti should not prescribe this herb. Please let us know the dosage too!

Thanks for sharing the drug details sir.. According to sharangadara... The ahiphena beeja kalka +kshira applied over scalp ...for dandruff It is contraindicated in bala vriddha madhumeha vishuchika slaishmika kasa vrikka shotha Purification..ahiphena titurated with ardraka swarasa 21times..

Dear Dr Hemant Fine reminder about important drug. Thanks With regards

First of all apreciate to your post Good explanations nd data collection Thnks for sharing @Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir

Thanks @Dr. Jamil Ahmed sir

Very Nice, infermative and Weldescribed Post Sir. Thank you for Updating.

Very well and detailed explained abt ahiphena ..thank for sharing dis post @Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir

Nice informative post

Helpful update Post sir

Nice and informative post sir thanku

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