alcoholic patient with epigastric pain. CT shown below. TLC - 15000. S. AMylase - 345



Acute pancreatitis.

bulky pancreas and some part is necrotized, so Necrotizing pancreatitis is possible here

Inflamed oedemattus pancreas suggestive of pancreatities with peripancreatic fluid collection.

Acute Pancreatitis

Acutepanceatitis with focal necrosis

acute oedematous pancreatitis with sorr phlegmatous changes notedd

Acute on chronic pancreatitis. No role of antibiotics in initial management. No penetration of drugs in pancreatic inflamed tissues except Imepenem.The changes r due to inflammatory reason. Requires meticulous intensive care management. Long stay may be required. Fluid and pain management and CT guided tapping if converts into abscess.

acute pancreatitis

Bulky pancreas. What is the report of Lipase, Calcium, CRP, Sugar level ?

acute pancreatitis

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