alcoholic patient with epigastric pain. CT shown below. TLC - 15000. S. AMylase - 345


Acute pancreatitis with Bulky panvrease and peripancreatic fat strandings can be seen here...

acute pancreatitis, admit patient and put ryles tube and start antibiotics and fluids

necrotizing pancreatitis

bulky pancreas and some part is necrotized, so Necrotizing pancreatitis is possible here

Acute on chronic pancreatitis.

Acute pancreatitis...

Bulky pancreas. What is the report of Lipase, Calcium, CRP, Sugar level ?

Inflamed oedemattus pancreas suggestive of pancreatities with peripancreatic fluid collection.

acute pancreatitis

Bulky pancreas acute pancreatitis

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