Alexiavs Dyslexia



Alexia is type of dyslexia dyslexia is developmental alexia follows stroke inability to learn

Dyslexia is defective reading, it represents loss of competency due to brain injury, degeneration and developmental failure to keep pace with reading instruction. Alexia is acquired inability to read 1 Alexia without agraphia - seen in disconnection syndrome 2 Alexia with agraphia - lesion at angular gyrus 3 Third Alexia (alexic agraphia) - seen with brocas aphasia Conclusion:- Alexia is an acquired reading disorder, in contrast, Dyslexia is an innate or constitutional reading disorder.

Case conclusion Thanks for the answeres. ALEXIA is an acquired disorder of written language comprehension,that is ,difficulty in reading. DYSLAXIA refers to developmental difficulties with reading.