ALOPECIA AREATA A male 29yrs came to my clinic with complaint of severe itch and irritaion, hair follicle sensitive on traction.... causation- after typhoid treated with allopathic drugs, he is still suffering from typhoid... severe headache in paroxysms, vertigo, restlessness... tests reveal- NORMAL Hb, RBC, EOSIN, ECG, KFT... RAISED ESR, TYPHI TITRE 1:160, PLATLETS LOW, LFT SGOT83,SGPT55... Mentals- gloomy, irritable, anxiety raised, fear of dark, as if someones looking at him, great mental prostration, impatient, despondent, aggravation night, bathing after, overthinking, walking, talking.. amelioration rest, eating, open air, cold application.... D/D, RX, MANAGEMENT.....



@Dr. Hemender Singh following rubrics taken as per your case is concerned. *Ailments From typhoid . *mind gloomy morose. *mind exhaustion. Mental *mind impatient. *skin hair falls. *constitution hair falls in patches head. *generals night ,bathing agg. *diseases typhoid. *generals rest ameliorate. . Above all symptoms indicates phos. Plz give Phos. 200 single dose. Jaborandi hair oil at night. Avoid spicy junk food. Thanks for inviting

I gave him phos1M doctor...

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Mind - Fear - dark of Mind - Delusion - people - behind him; someone is Head - Hair - baldness - patches General - Rest - amel General - Eating - after - Amelia General - Cold - application - amel Phosphorus or calc phos will be the helpful remedies. Thank you for tagging me!! @Dr. Hemender Singh

Thanks for your valuable opinion @Dr. Yashpal Chadha I gave him phos1M

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@Dr. Niddhi Patel @Dr. Manjari Sharma @Dr. Mohd Shafi @Dr. Venkatesh K. N. @Dr. Suryakant Bheda @Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty @Dr. Yashpal Chadha

@Apply lahsun oil with camphor 2 times and give amla alovera juice 20 ml daily @Also apply castor oil with lasun oil Vit E evion cap 400 mg od

Nat mur and phos can b the remedy.... Repertorization is as shown in pictures

Which software pl mention

Syphilinum 1m Single dose, Acid flour, Wisbaden Is helpful medicine

roghan zarareeh...ext.application Itrifal ustukhudoos...reg. use

Along with above medications Hijamah also may be useful.

@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. Phosphorus mày be helpful.

Syphilunum1M one dose followed by Flourish acid.

Syphillinum 1M .

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